A downloadable game

This game was made for Jam Ludum Dare #38!
(More Screenshot, GIF and Videos are coming soon!)

This game will be later expanded!

This planet's temperament…I mean temperature is out of control! Control the elements and terrain in this Sandbox game! The longer you maintain a pleasant climate, the more animals will appear! Control the temperature with the orbit of the sun!


  • Left Mouse Button: Mountain Up
  • Right Mouse Button: Mountain Down
  • Middle Mouse Button: Move around
  • Scrollwheel: Zooming
  • ESC-Key: Quit Game

Orbit GUI (right bottom)

  • Blue = cold area
  • Green = normal area
  • Red = hot area

You can change orbit just simply click on orbit gui.

Remind: those area are shifting by time!


@Chinafreak - Coder

@phillvancejr - 2D/3D Design

@cbstegeman - Music/Sound


Elemental.zip 16 MB


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what did the post that was deleted say? it makes me skeptical of the game.