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GITHUB: https://github.com/Chinafreak/PyxelEdit-3D-Viewer

With PyxelEdit: 3D Viewer, you can display 2D sprites from pyxel edit on fake 3D. The viewer update only the files if you saved the Pyxel Edit files (Strg+S).

There is many settings like set to pixelated, fix edges (while you're scaling up), pin the window (so the window show on foreground for ever), etc.


  • Pixelated or Shape Modus:

  • Fix Edges Modus:

  • Pin Window:

  • You're abled to switch the 3D object with arrow keys/A and D keys by using animations features on Pyxel Edit.

  • Rotating Sprite (left mouse)
  • Layers and Alpha (from the layers) does support, too!

  • And yes, you're abled to resize window, too!

  • And moving! (With middle/rigth mouse button)

  • Or even export rotating sprite into sprite sheet! (So you can draw directly from sprite sheet instead draw single of layers on your game, it's better for performance!)

And all thanks to YoYoGames for their beatiful software called "Game Maker: Studio"!

Additional Information:

  • Red Button: Close Window
  • Green Button: Refresh File/Scale
  • Orange Button: Sharp/Pixel Modus
  • Blue Button: Fix Edge
  • Purple Button: Pin Window (window on foreground)
  • Cyan Button: Open other .pyxel files.
  • Pink Button: Export the rotated sprite to sprite sheet
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PyxelEdit 3D Viewer v1.0.1.zip 2 MB


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