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** Please read all on this description! **

GM PyxelTiler is a converter software which you're abled to convert game maker: studio (room) to pyxel edit or pyxel edit to game maker. studio.

Remind: You can only edit tiles on room. Object will be ignored. But if you convert back from pyxel edit to game maker, object will show it again. So don't worry. :)

Features/ Advantages:

  • You can now create faster levels/rooms by using Pyxel Edit with tiles
  • Create new layer, set layer name to depth number and a new depth number was created for tileset.
  • Or create new layer, write something down on name (example: Note) and you can draw on this layer. This layer will be ignored by converting back to Game Maker: Studio
  • You can create level by using Tile Placer Tools to set/delete tiles.

Because this software was actually intended for us and pyxel edit don't support some features from game maker, there is some limitation:

  • Tile outside of room will be deleted
  • Tile should be on squared grid-based (as example 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 16x16, 24x24, etc.), same grid size on ALL tileset.
  • Room size issue, as example Size 200 x 190px with grid size 16px, would be on pyxel edit 208 x 192px, but if you convert back, then the room will stay on 200 x 190px
  • layer name (aka depth number) on pyxel edit shouldn't be changed (except you want change depth number). If you write on this layer name some letters, this layer will be ignored by convert back to Game Maker: Studio
  • You can draw anything on tile, but this wouldn't stay if you convert it back to game maker.
  • You can't set 2 or more tile on same place on same depth. Use other depth. (otherwise the tile on this place is going to be deleted)
  • No Background color (maybe on the future), only with picture.
  • Some bug which we don't have found it. So please make a backup of your game maker project!

Enjoy it with this beta converter!


GM PyxelTiler.exe 1 MB