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It made me so freaking angry but for real tho, i loved it. Such a beautiful game and such a cool idea.

Fun game. Too hard for me though, I couldn't get past level 5.

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I played your game, and I made a let's play video of it, I hope that's okay.

I really liked the game it was really cool, and I really like the idea behind it.

Please excuse the raging that's just because I'm terrible at games, but I still liked it.

This was a fun game. The visuals, while simple, were still pretty neat looking, especially with the rainbow effect, and the mechanic of making sound to see the map was cool as well. I really like that sort of thing in games. Good job on this.

Have a video.

Hey it's a pretty neat game - using visual effects make the game look great, it looks better in game than in the pictures.

A suggestion I'd like to make is 1) configurable controls 2) make it so there's a small delay available to jump. Many times I've tried jumping, but apparently I jumped too late 3) for wall jumping, sometimes the majority of the body touches the wall, but not the feet, and because of it the wall jump doesn't work

I like your game it's pretty original.

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There exists configurable controls! I can't change the game anymore because I dont have the source code anymore. :( its a old game from me.

In this case, I can't wait to see what else you'll create!

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You can see more games which its currently in develoipment at :)

Great game, challenging and fun, and looks beutiful!

Here is the official critique by the famous game developer Xangotrick:

Thank you so much for the video! :D

What language/engine did you make this in bro?

This was made with Game Maker. :)


Thank you! <3

Made a video -

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Huh, I love it! Thank you for making this video! Do you've twitter name so I can tweet this + mention you? :)


Awesome that you liked the video. We only have a youtube channel so if you want to mention us you can, just mention our video or channel or something.

Amazing game! Unique design and gameplay! Challanging and rewarding. I like it a lot!

Thank you! :)

Reminds me of the game INK, i will definitely try this out :)

It was inspired from INK. :)

What game engine did you use? I'm guessing Love2d

Blind World was created with GameMaker

too bad it is only windows...

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Sorry, if I have still source code, I would export to linux + mac too :( But you can use Wine if you're using linux. :)

The game is psychedelic, with a lot of challenge. Well thought out with the adjustable controls.

Thank you! :)